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What can I bring you

I put at your service the gift that I received and that I learned to use by courses of Magnetizer, Chromotherapist, Plantar Reflexology, Reiki, shamanism, different kinds of massages as well as dowser.

Dowsing allows me to pinpoint where the body loses energy or where the energy is clogged. These leaks and engorgements cause pain and can cause certain diseases.

It can come from an organ, the nervous system, a muscle, the skeleton or it can be psychological. Once the energy losses and localized congestion, I can fix it. All this to relieve your pain.

You are living in Geneva, Lausanne, Yverdon, Sion, Martigny, Bern, Fribourg etc. and it's a problem to come in Neuchâtel (Val-de-Ruz); in this case, distance care may be the right solution to remedy your health concerns.

What I can relieve

- All diseases, but also:

- Psychosomatic diseases

- Diseases with symptomatic spasmodic

- Burns

- Clippings

- Healing after surgery

- Bone pain and fractures

- Fever

- Morosity

- Respiratory problems

- Cooling

- Circulatory disorders

- Liver problems

- Eyes


Other research:

Using the pendulum, I can also search for telluric lines, sources, waveforms, etc.